How can I report abuse?

As a hosting provider, Uganda acts in full compliance with the law. This means that we are concerned that on our side there were no violations of the rules, law or personal property of anyone. There is a notification procedure in case of parties violating any of the above. Each application is checked individually. Applications reliable in the sense of the law are more likely to receive a positive response more quickly.

How do I report a site that violates the rules?

The best way to notify us of violations is to contact us via email: {supportMail}. After receiving your message, depending on the situation, we can block the web page and an account (if we are sure that this page breaks the law), try to contact the owner of the page directly or we can forward your message to the owner and ask he/she to respond you.

Please, include those informations in your message:

  • — URL (ex.;
  • — A broad description of the problem (in which way does this web page violate the rule);
  • — Direct link to the content that violets the rules (you can also add a screenshot);
  • — Your name and surname (if you want to remain anonymous, you have to clearly express this in your application, asking us not to share your email address and any other data).

Additional information that increases the credibility of the reports are the applicant's complete personal information given in a written form (may be by email). If there is a victim, it would be the best if he/she could send us application himself/herself.

Why do we refuse blocking pages? What should you do if we refused to block the web page?

The page is immediately blocked when the violation found is clear and obvious. But sometimes there are situations where the case is not clear (for example, the case is not known to us, and the dispute refers to the company against the person who wrote about his unflattering opinion).

In such situations, we do no block the web page and recommend to the injured party to refer the matter to the court. It is the only competent authority that is entitled to solve this kind of issues. As a hosting provider, we do not have a right to decide what may be considered as a violation and what may not. We can not block the page if you are not sure that it deserves to be blocked - otherwise, there is the possibility of victimization client. At the request of the police, the court or the authority authorized to solve this kind of issues site is blocked immediately.

In some cases we can unblock the web page if the violating content has been removed by the owner.