How to move your site to another web hosting without a downtime

To move a page or domain to our web hosting from a localhost, you must first create a hosting account.

  1. After this you need to create an FTP account for your domain. Go to the FTP Accounts section in the control panel and click "Add".
    Then upload all the files via FTP and import the database (in case the site uses a database). After the import and before users have a possibility to view your website it is worth to check whether everything works as it should. To check this, change the settings in the file /etc/hosts (Linux) or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (Windows) and you will see how a page is displayed on the hosting server before the process of propagating information through the network of your domain ends. When it ends, you can access it normally.

  2. If everything works correctly, you can change the A record in the control panel of your domain registrar.

  3. You may also want to transfer your domain to us. To do this you have to give us the AuthInfo code (your domain registrar has to give it to you to your request) and type in the appropriate field (Domain -> Add -> Yes -> Yes). You will receive a confirmation link by email - click on it to confirm the transfer. It is free of charge, but usually you will have to pay for another year of domain registration (of course, this period is added to the current registration period, you will not lose any day). After this you will be able to handle everything from one control panel and the you will be paying for a domain renewal according to our prices.