How to restore a page from a backup

  1. Upload all back up files to FTP.
  2. If you have created a new hosting account or a new database, you need to change data in the file files database.php, wp-config.php, configuration.php config.php or (depending on the CMS you are using). Those data you can find in the Databases section in the control panel.

  1. Then you have to import the database. Go to phpMyAdmin by clicking the icon in the upper right corner:

  2. Select the database and click "Import":

  3. Then select the database backup file on your computer:

  4. Click "Go":

  5. After the import concludes, you will see the message:

  6. If you forgot to enter new data into the database, you can do it by editing the appropriate files in the FTP.

  7. You can now enter the site and see if it works as it should.