Re-branding Webchain to MintMe Coin

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Re-branding Webchain to MintMe Coin

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Webchain has officially been rebranded to Coin 

Changing our name to MintMe Coin was a decision we took looking forward to better show this project’s main purpose. Our new name improves transparency, so everyone mining or trading MintMe Coin will know what is the principal idea behind it.

Another important reason for our rebranding was search optimization: The ticker WEB was not so practical and didn’t represent us fully. Since other projects also identify with that ticker you wouldn’t have found us right away in google search, and we didn't want our coin to be confused with any other. But the ticker MINTME does represent us, is original, and is top in all search engines for our project.

Instead of using price speculation to boost the price of MintMe Coin, project is what is meant to become the main reason why people would like to buy our coin: to use it on our platform, to trade other people’s tokens with it, to buy exclusive content, or participate with innovative projects made available only through MintMe tokens and much more.

MintMe Coin is not a new coin, it’s a new name, we remain true to our whitepaper ideals, now merging with, the crowdfunding platform, where patrons also earn on their favorite influencer success.

Official name: Coin
Ticker: MINTME
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